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    Stuck for ideas? Here are some to help you get started.

    Top items from my friend Doug:

  1. Puppy pads - always come in handy
  2. Bitter Apple - in case you have a chewer
  3. Pet Odor eliminator - neutralizes urine
  4. Adjustable Harness - I prefer the harness to a collar for puppies & lead
  5. Nylabone
  6. Stuffed squeaky toy
  7. Flea comb - great for removing dead hairs
  8. Good nail clippers - start them when they are young!
  9. No-Tear Shampoo
  10. Some type of healthy training snack
  11. And of course put it all in a fuzzy dog bed, or a pet taxi.
  12. Also, for summer, a portable, collapsable water dish is a good idea.
  13. A water bottle holder that clips on your belt that has a bowl at the end.

    Gift ideas from another dog mum:
  14. What about some puppy shampoo or oatmeal shampoo.
  15. or a retractable leash, I love mine!
  16. What about a name tag in case puppy gets lost,
  17. or a gift subscription to a dog magazine...
  18. or gift certificates for food!

Puppy gift ideas from us

  1. Cozy Crate Liners (homemade can be a nice touch) 
    I've made washable comfy liners for the crate/kennel/carrier.
    I buy the nice polar fleece I can find, (from the 'ends'bins = good deals) in a color that would match the pup. I make an outside cover and fill it with thick layers of the quilting material.
    Then I stitch big Xs here and there to keep the filling from slipping when the cushion is washed.
  2. Pup pillows
    We bought our first pup pillow for our griff. He used it so often, we now have more - one we won at a rescue fund raiser. We have one that is heart shaped, the other (from WalMart) was a little rectangle that looked like fake sheepskin.
    Make it unique by putting the dog's name and birthdate on it using fabric paint.
  3. Personalize a bandana with co-ordinating fabric paint.
  4. I found a cute quilted fabric made for kids' bedding. It had
    alphabet lessons on it, but each square had a cartoon style puppy.
    Cute! Just perfect for a dog bed! I finished the edges with
    matching red trim, and made our pooch and a frend's dog a nice quilt.

  5. Have fun making your pooch gift package, whatever you decide to do!

    New Puppy Checklist from that big pet store:

  1. comfortable bed
  2. wire crate
  3. animal carrier
  4. harness and six footlead
  5. *puppy* shampoo
  6. brush
  7. comb
  8. puppy food
  9. training pads or drops
  10. stain & odor eliminator
  11. training book or video
  12. dental starter kit for puppies (dog toothpaste only)
  13. nail trimmer
  14. food & water bowls (non-skid, non-tip, elevated)
    (stainless steel or ceramic as puppies may chew plastic and some can be allergic)
  15. identification tag
  16. Chewing remedies such as rawhide or beefhide, dental chews
    ~ Puppies need to chew. It's therapeutic and should be encouraged
    but only on products designed for that purpose.
    The more chew toys, the less likely the new pup will destroy shoes or other items.
  17. Selection of safe Toys


Dog Gift List

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